An Independent Engineer's Quest

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"...Mahatma Gandhi

Solving plastic pollution requires a symphony of talents. 

Marine scientists prove the existence of plastic pollution and the many harms it is causing. Photographers and the media show us compelling and tragic images. Sailors, surfers and swimmers encounter ocean plastic pollution and share their experiences. Artists create amazing sculptures out of plastic pollution. They all inspire the world to take action.

Engineers count, calculate, map and do root cause analysis to promote proven and practical solutions to plastic pollution and then we keep counting to monitor progress. We evaluate proposed solutions for economic practicality at scale in real world conditions. 

Collaborating with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), socially responsible investors (SRIs), and individuals in leading catalytic initiatives to move from awareness on plastic pollution to wide-scale action and achievement. 


Nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Independent of influence by commercial interests. No financial ties to companies named on website.



Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC)

Recycling is Not the Solution to Plastic Pollution

Blog: Six Times More Plastic Waste is Burned than Recycled in the United States

Blog: 157,000 Shipping Containers of U.S. Plastic Waste Exported to Countries with Poor Waste Management in 2018

Blog: U.S. Plastic Recycling Rate Projected to Drop to 4.4% in 2018

Stopping Plastic Pollution from Fast Food Companies

Takeaway Trifecta: Global Fast Food Survey

Environment America, US PIRGs & PPC

End Use of Polystyrene Foam Containers & Coolers

Letter to NFL Commission & Owners: Please Protect the Ocean from Plastic Pollution

Walden Asset Management

Reducing Plastic Bag Distribution, Waste & Pollution in the United States

Greenbiz Article: Shareholders ask retailers to report on plastic bags

5 Gyres Institute

Reverse Vending is Proven to Reduce Plastic Bottle Pollution

Greenbiz Article: How to close the loop on a quarter trillion plastic bottles a year

Walden Asset Management, Sierra Club, As You Sow & Greenpeace

Ending Plastic Bag Preemption Lobbying in United States

Blog: Why Are 'Sustainable' Companies Supporting Plastic Bag Lobbyists Instead of Respecting Local Community Rights to Reduce Litter?

Plastics News Op-Ed: Plastics Industry Executives Wrong on Several Points

Sierra Club: Campaign to End Corporate Support of Plastic Bag Preemption Lobbying

Pastics News: Coke, Pepsi exit plastics association, Greenpeace claims victory


General Motors becomes fourth company to leave plastics lobbying group this year

Meeting of the Minds

Reducing Plastic Pollution in the United States

Article: 7 Ways for Cities to Reduce Plastic Pollution

A Plastic Planet

End Plastic Waste Exports
Tracking UK plastic waste exports in support
of campaign to stop shipments of #plasticpollution

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In the News:


New York Times

As Costs Skyrocket, More U.S. Cities Stop Recycling

Readers Digest: Here's Water Really Happens to Recycled Plastics

Newsweek: Cola-Cola and Pepsico Ditch Ties to Plastics Industry Association

The Intercept: Waste Only: How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World

Houston Chronicle:

Plastic's Trash Crisis

Center for Public Integrity:  

As the World Grapples with Plastic Pollution, the U.S. Makes More of It - A Whole Lot More

The Intercept: 

Starbucks Promised a Recyclable Lid: Don't Believe the Hype

Plastics News: Dunkin' moving to PP for lids 

Chemical & Engineering News

Governments Pursue Chemical Recycling

Waste Dive: Precipitous Drop in Reclaimed Plastic Film Exports 

Catalytic Initiatives to Move from Awareness to Wide-Scale Action & Achievement